The FBI is hiding Epstein data

Visitor publish by Techno Fog by way of Substack.

Your humble writer, as promised, is concerned in litigation to extract data from the federal authorities. It’s straightforward to speak about present occasions. The harder half is suing federal companies for documentation of their wrongdoing.

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This entails initiating FOIA requests, that are not often answered shortly or utterly. Out of our 75+ FOIA requests from this previous 12 months, just one was answered shortly and totally. A small miracle.

That was the place we obtained CDC e-mails disclosing how they modified the definition of “vaccine” due to the efficacy issues with the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. It’s a must-read in the event you haven’t seen it already (even when it bought us wrongly flagged on the Carnegie Mellon College COVID-19 “misinformation” watchlist).

Then there are the data we should struggle for.

One improvement we will expose is our effort to acquire the FBI’s data on Jeffrey Epstein. We made a easy request: hand over all FBI interviews with Epstein. We all know these data are on the market, as we had been the primary to report that Epstein had been a supply for the FBI. (It was later confirmed that Epstein cooperated on a Bear Stearns investigation.)

However we’re not satisfied that was the one time Epstein spoke with the FBI. There have been different hints and rumors that he labored with the US authorities to get better stolen funds. Thus the FOIA request.

How did the FBI reply? Not by denying the existence of any data.

As a substitute, the FBI is hiding behind FOIA’s legislation enforcement exemption, stating that the manufacturing of the Epstein data would intrude with ongoing legislation enforcement investigations:

“The data aware of your request are legislation enforcement data; there’s a pending or potential legislation enforcement continuing related to those responsive data, and launch of the data might fairly be anticipated to intrude with enforcement proceedings.”

We’re exceedingly uncertain that the discharge of the Epstein data would “intrude with enforcement proceedings.” Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted and Epstein is lifeless. The one potential tie may be from a grand jury investigation into “different attainable co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein.” However that was from the summer time of 2020 and we rightly assume no fees had been introduced in opposition to whoever was being investigated.

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Visitor publish by Techno Fog by way of Substack. We requested the FBI for the Jeffrey Epstein interview transcripts. The FBI response: offering the Epstein data would intrude with legislation enforcement proceedings. Both the FBI is mendacity or one thing is up. (Guess on FBI lies…) — Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) September 9, 2022 Your humble…